The results of the coaching survey are below with some comments addressed. 



People who may have completed a course previously but didn’t receive certificates: Contact Coach Education Manager, Gerard O Donnell

Coaching Children with Additional needs: Athletics Ireland are in the process of hiring a Sports Inclusion Disability Officer who will be responsible for athletes with additional needs and Athletics Ireland will contact us once courses are scheduled. We are also in contact with the Cork Sports Partnership who run courses for people with additional needs and we hope to have more information on that soon.

Workshops on Hurdles, Jumps and Throw Events: Athletics Ireland intend to run more workshops on technical events once MTU is available again. See for updates.

Information on Other Courses:

Endurance Running: These are run on-line or in person. For on-line see however the feedback is that in-person is better so we will look at booking an endurance running course in the East Cork area between now and February 2024.

Assistant Coach: Minimum 12 people – Requires room for theory part and access to area for sprints, long jump and shot putt. The Athletics Leader course on September 9th covers the entry level coaching, however we can schedule an Assistant Coach course in East Cork between now and February 2024 if there is sufficient interest. If interested please contact me on or 089-6039607 (John Hennessy)

Level 1: Minimum 15 people – Requirements as per Assistant Coach with access to High Jump and Javelin also. MTU might be best for this course. We will keep in contact with Athletics Ireland / Cork Athletics re: scheduling of this.

Level 2: Minimum 60 people. Primarily run in Athlone but quite a few people in Cork have expressed an interest in having one run in Cork. MTU has the required facilities.  We will keep in contact with Athletics Ireland / Cork Athletics re: scheduling of this.