Back in January 2021, Willie O’Mahony celebrated 50 years as Treasurer of the East Cork Athletics Division. This is a remarkable achievement and must surely be a record. It’s certainly a very impressive PB!  Willie was also present as a board member for the first 4 years and so has been ever present since the board was formed in 1967.

The East Cork Athletics Division presented Willie with a memento to commemorate this significant anniversary.

As a thank you to all those involved in marking the occasion Willie has penned the following:

Link: A Special Thank You: Letter from William O’Mahony

John Walshe wrote a lovely piece at the time which describes how Willie first got involved in athletics, his many achievements over the years, including running 39 of the 40 Ballycotton 10 mile races and his involvement in designing the East Cork Athletics Division Championship Medal (shown below): The article can be found in the following link:

There is also a lovely photo compilation created for the occasion in the following link:

Thank you again Willie for all your hard work and continued commitment to Athletics in the East Cork Area.